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Awesome cutting boards!

"These cutting boards are fantastic! They are sleek, fit nicely on the counter"

Julia S.

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look great, I love the bamboo. We have used these several times and
there are no obvious cut marks on them, and they wash up nicely. "

Frankie K.


that this came with multiples. My original plan was to have a dedicated
cutting board for meats, veggies etc, however, having limited counter
space, I find myself reaching for the smaller one most often."

Selena G.

So glad I bought them !

“Packaging was
great and items came exactly as what was pictured on the website. Highly recommended!!!”

Selena G.

Formed with peace, fired by chaos.

We understand the peaceful harmony that must be achieved within
a home.

Our purpose is to provide creative ways of enhancing your home
experience through form and function.

These two attributes of Stone
& Clay
are threaded within all of our products, processes and
culture.There will not be a form, without a function.

Designed in the USA

Stainless Mixing with Lid & Grater

This set of stainless steel mixing bowls with grater
lids are the perfect addition to any home kitchen. These heavy-duty
multi-functional bowls are light but stay perfectly in place with a
non-slip silicone bottom, making them great for hard mixing, food
preparation, and daily use.

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Beautiful, Strong

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

This set of 3 nesting bowls is a space saver and kitchen tool you'll
wonder how you lived without. We give you 3 sizes making these bowls are
perfect for meal prepping, cooking, baking, tossing salads, mixing, and
serving food.

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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable

Bamboo Wood Cutting Boards

designed a cutting board made from fine bamboo that eliminates the
uneven splintering surface of traditional boards and has a juice groove
for easy slicing. It looks better and performs better than traditional
wooden boards.

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